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Adagio Investment Banking Services

December 22, 2016


Adagio is a private alternative asset management firm with a focus on residential income real estate. In addition to managing our proprietary funds, we strive to bring the exclusive financial expertise of Wall Street to the real estate investor market. The two most esoteric yet valuable skills of finance are risk management and capital formation: risk management affords investment managers the ability to accurately price assets, while capital formation is literally the process of creating assets. We will implement these skills on your behalf by creating and managing an investment fund (e.g. hedge fund, private equity) dedicated to supplying capital to your business with ongoing support at ultimately no expense to you:

  • We will develop the best model and capital structure to maximize your risk-adjusted returns while matching your efforts with potential investors’ risk, return & liquidity appetite.
  • We will have the requisite offering documents drafted (i.e. create actual securities for sale), and create industry standard marketing materials for a fund providing lower-cost capital to your business. This allows you to leverage our capital position, performance history and investment banking relationships.
  • We will ensure all necessary SEC filings are submitted & compliance issues are addressed, provide ongoing risk management support, and manage all reporting.
  • Adagio Compensation: $50k deposit for drafting documents (reimbursed to you as an expense to the fund) plus 2&20* on the feeder fund (deducted from investors’ returns). For more complex solutions, Adagio may be retained for consulting services at a rate of $750 per hour.


Sample Fund Summary/Fact Card/Two-Pager

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This article is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities instrument or any interest in Adagio, LLC or its current or future affiliated entities, nor is this article an offer of investment advice, tax advice or legal advice.

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* 2&20 is shorthand for a type of compensation structure that hedge fund managers typically employ; the fee structure is comprised of a 2% management fee, or an annual 2% of the total value of assets under management (“AUM”), in addition to a 20% performance fee, or 20% of annual gains.


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